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With the release of The Final Shape came the new subclass, Prismatic. This new power mixes all our subclasses and lets us wield both Light and Dark abilities in tandem. Now that we have our hands on the Exotic Class Items, we can realise the full potential of this subclass, so here is the best Titan build available right now on Prismatic!

Best Prismatic Titan Build

For our Prismatic Titan build, we will be mixing the powers of Strand, Solar, and Arc primarily by focusing on the melee bonus from Knockout to bolster our Consecration damage.

Exotic ArmorStoicism
Exotic WeaponMonte Carlo
SuperTwilight Arsenal
Class AbilityTowering Barricade
MeleeFrenzied Blade
GrenadeShackle Grenade
AspectsKnockout and Consecration
FragmentsFacet of Protection
Facet of Sacrifice
Facet of Balance
Facet of Dawn
Facet of Courage



The best Exotic armor piece for this build is the Stoicism Exotic Class Item with a roll of Spirit of Inmost Light and Spirit of Synthoceps. This combo allows you to loop your abilities constantly, thanks to the ability regeneration from Spirit of Inmost Light, while also boosting your melee damage with Spirit of Synthoceps.

Monte Carlo is the most complimentary Exotic weapon with this build, as it regenerates your melee energy, meaning you can use your Consecration attack more often. However, this slot is mostly flexible.


Twilight Arsenal is the recommended pick here for your Super as it is a ranged damage super, allowing you to have a good 'one and done' Super that you can use without having to be point-blank with the boss. On top of this, if you have a Spirit of the Star Eater Stoicism, you can swap to Twilight Arsenal, which becomes a very strong damage Super.

Towering Barricade is the safest pick as it provides complete cover for our team and gives everyone behind it a brief reprieve if needed. In addition, we can use Shackle Grenade to buy time or set up an easy Consecration slam.

Frenzied Blade is a must-pick in this build, as it comes with three melee charges. This allows us to cast Consecration three separate times, effectively tripling the potential of this build.


  • Facet of Protection is excellent as we will have this active very often as we are going to be in the fray with Consecration. On top of this, we are also looking to be Transcendent as often as possible, furthering the damage resistance from this Fragment.
  • Facet of Sacrifice is a comfort pick and could be swapped with Facet of Grace or Ruin. However, Sacrifice boosts our Darkness Transcendence gains when we have a Light-based buff, which we will often have thanks to the Artifact mods and Knockout constantly making us Amplified.
  • Facet of Balance is perfect for this build as it helps our melee ability uptime. Given that almost all our damage is with Consecration, we will constantly generate melee energy thanks to Balance giving us melee energy when defeating enemies with Light damage.
  • Facet of Dawn is another no-brainer in this build. Consecration damage is considered melee damage, meaning we will always be Radiant, and getting final blows will transfer this buff along to our allies, too.
  • Facet of Courage is excellent here as it provides a damage buff to our Consecration slam due to this Fragment boosting our Light ability damage against targets afflicted with a Darkness debuff. Given that we are using Shackle Grenade, we can take advantage of this bonus fairly often, suspending a crowd of enemies and dropping down on them with Consecration.

Armor Mods

The following mods are great for this build and help the gameplay loops function even better.

  • Helmet: Heavy Ammo Finder, Heavy Ammo Scout, and Hands-On
  • Arms: 2x Heavy Handed and Impact Induction
  • Chest: Damage resistance matching your enemy's damage type
  • Legs: Innervation, Invigoration, and Absolution
  • Mark: Bomber, Outreach, and Explosive Finisher


Hands-On is perfect for this build, as we will be getting a lot of melee kills due to Consecration, which will build our Super energy incredibly fast. Heavy Ammo Finder and Heavy Ammo Scout are great for general Heavy Ammo generation and help make ammo for our team.

With two copies of Heavy Handed, we will make an Orb of Power every 5 seconds with our Consecration kills, which will feed into our ability and Super regeneration while granting us certain buffs from our Artifact mods. On top of this, using Impact Induction will help you get your Shackle Grenade up more.

Damage resistance mods are very important for general survivability, so make sure you match these mods to whatever type of damage your enemy is dealing in the activity you're playing.

The trio of Innervation, Invigoration, and Absolution all function off of Orbs, which you will be generating a ton of thanks to Heavy Handed. This will feed back into both your melee and grenade energy and help the loop continue.

Bomber and Outreach are both great for even more ability uptime, and Explosive Finisher can be used to get 70% of our Grenade energy back when we finish a target while we have three stacks of Armor Charge, massively helping our uptime.

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Destiny 2 Prismatic Titan Build - Destiny 2 Guide - IGN (2024)


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