Destiny 2 Dual Destiny Complete Quest Guide (All Puzzle Solutions, How to Start) (2024)

Even after you’ve beaten the campaign and the Raid in The Final Shape, there are still plenty of other secrets to uncover in Destiny 2. Here’s how to start and complete the Dual Destiny Exotic quest in Destiny 2.

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How to Start Dual Destiny in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Dual Destiny Complete Quest Guide (All Puzzle Solutions, How to Start) (1)

Before anything else, make sure you’ve already completed the main story of The Final Shape in Destiny 2. Next, you’ll want to start taking part in the Overthrow patrol events in all three major areas:

  • The Landing
  • The Blooming
  • The Impasse

There are three unique bosses at each of these areas, and once you’ve defeated all three bosses in an area, the game will inform you in the bottom left corner that a Secret-Keeper of the Witch Queen is near. You’ll then need to search the vicinity for an elite yellow-bar enemy to kill. Do this at all three Overthrow areas.

After you’ve defeated three Secret-Keepers, look up at the sky to find a bright, yellow beam of light shooting upwards. Head towards it with one other fireteam member. Do note that you cannot do this alone, or with a fireteam of three people; it needs to be completed with two people.

At the beam of light, take out the enemies and look out for two orbs — one dark and one light — then take the orbs and follow the objective markers to place them at two plates. This will lead you to a nearby objective marker that finally allows you to start the Dual Destiny quest. Again, keep in mind that this quest can only be completed with two people.

In addition to that, one member needs to be equipped with a Darkness subclass, while the other needs to have a Light subclass. Alternatively, the Prismatic subclass will also let you fulfill either condition.

Dual Destiny Quest Puzzle Guide

There are a total of five puzzle encounters in the Dual Destiny quest in Destiny 2, though a couple of them are really just minor jumping/traversal puzzles that should be pretty easy to get through. We’ll go through the more complex puzzles below to help you progress.

First Puzzle Room

This first puzzle is fairly simple, and we’ve broken it down into steps down below:

  1. Keep killing enemies until you spawn elites.
  2. Kill the elite enemies to pick up Motes.
  3. These Motes will allow one player to see two symbols above these pedestals in the room, while the other player will see several symbols floating above pyramid-like structures.
  4. The player who can see the pedestal symbols needs to describe them to the other person, who will then have to shoot the two symbols in the correct order to progress.

You need to shoot them in the correct order, or the puzzle will reset, causing you to lose a bit of time. You’ll also need to do this three times in order to get to the next encounter.

Second Puzzle Room

Destiny 2 Dual Destiny Complete Quest Guide (All Puzzle Solutions, How to Start) (2)

After getting through a jumping/platforming sequence, you’ll arrive at the second proper puzzle room in Dual Destiny.

The main puzzle is showcased via a clock-like structure with nine orbs of darkness around it where the numbers on a clock would normally be. Both fireteam members will see three different positioned orbs that are turned off.

To solve this puzzle, both you and your friend need to compare notes to see which six orbs are turned off, and then shoot the remaining three that neither of you see. The person who deals the killing blow to the Tormentor enemy in this room will gain a buff that allows them to shoot the orbs.

Do this three times to clear the room.

Final Puzzle Encounter

Destiny 2 Dual Destiny Complete Quest Guide (All Puzzle Solutions, How to Start) (3)

After getting through yet another traversal puzzle, you’ll reach the final room with the boss. The steps to completing this encounter are simple on their own, but it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to keep everything straight, so here’s a step-by-step guide to clearing it:

  1. While fighting the Subjugators, Wizard enemies will spawn. The Light subclass player needs to kill the Light Wizard, while the Dark subclass player kills the Dark Wizard.
  2. After killing the Wizards, symbols will spawn in the room, and you need to call out to your friend which symbols you see, and have them shoot the symbols in the correct order, just like in the first puzzle room.
  3. Doing this correctly will let you continue to do damage to the Subjugators.
  4. When the Strand Subjugator spawns and you get their health down, you’ll need to solve the clock puzzle from the previous room again.
  5. Both fireteam members will be able to see a different clock with different orbs. Essentially, you need to call out which orb positions you both see, and then determine which orb position overlaps between the clocks. For instance, if you see 1, 5, 6, 8, and your friend sees 2, 4, 7, 8, the common orb position is 8, which means that 8 is the orb position you both need to shoot on your clocks.
  6. Do this three times, and you’ll be able to continue damaging the boss until the fight ends.

Kill or Offer Peace?

After defeating the bosses and solving all the puzzles, you and your teammate will have to make one final decision. Savathun will ask you to fight each other, and you can either comply by crushing the other person’s Ghost, or turn around to find the love symbol and offer it to your fireteam member as a sign of peace.

Whichever you pick, the quest will end and you’ll both be rewarded with the Exotic class item. This choice isn’t all that important, and you can always rerun the quest anyway to check out the different outcomes.

Destiny 2 Dual Destiny Quest Rewards

After completing the final encounter, you’ll be rewarded with an Exotic class item for your efforts. We’ve listed them below:

  • Titan: Stoicism
  • Hunter: Essentialism
  • Warlock: Solipsism

The Exotic class items will come with a random perk roll each time you complete the quest, so if you’re looking for a particular perk, you’ll need to run the quest multiple times.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Dual Destiny quest in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 Dual Destiny Complete Quest Guide (All Puzzle Solutions, How to Start) (2024)


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